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James D. Clines, M.A., LMFT

As a founding partner and primary clinician at The InnerView, PLLC, I find my days filled with the excitement of helping people as they make change occur in their lives. Prior to my time here, I spent seven years designing and implementing a family wellness and clinical therapy program at a local private high school where I also provided individual, couple, family and group therapies.

Much of my work is in helping youth and their families to address relationships filled with pressure and anxiety. As they work with me youth learn to find their inner strengths while they build skills to improve relationships, communication, accountability and responsibility. The resulting respect and “improved attitude” often results in improved functioning (academic and behavioral) and increased freedom to achieve the developmental tasks of adolescence. At the same time parents are empowered to participate in these changes in ways that leave them more confident in their ability to navigate future challenges. This work has given me experience with a myriad of issues including but not limited to addiction (substances, sexual addiction and cyber addiction), eating disorders, social anxiety, and depression.

I also help many couples strengthen their relationships and become better parents. I am certified in a marital preparation and enrichment program and have helped many couples recover from the damage of infidelity and work with divorcing families through the Jefferson County Family Courts. I empower my clients to face and adapt to the challenges of daily life utilizing my experiences and innovative techniques for the good of the whole family.

In the past several years I have also found a particular interest in work with men’s issues (anger, depression, communication and connecting with others) as well as male and female survivors of abuse. I particularly enjoy getting out in the community and presenting on many issues such as: Parenting Adolescents, Anger Management, Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, School Bullying and more.

At The InnerView we care in many ways, including caring for ourselves as therapists. I enjoy spending time with my three children. I enjoy music, playing golf and being an avid football and basketball fan. I am also enriched by my faith community where I have been involved as a soccer coach and a leader in other activities.