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Karen Sheets-Mobley, LCSW, LMFT



The values that shape my practice are authenticity, unconditional regard for you, curiosity and enthusiasm for your journey. I use a strengths based model which means I see you and your life from a positive perspective and we will use your strengths to build on and  improve. I also believe sharing stories, using humor, cultural and media references are a great way to learn more about you, the subtleties of your character and spirit, and often convey messages that are otherwise  difficult to articulate.

I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and have been a social worker in my hometown of Louisville for eleven years. I’ve  worked with clients on every stage of life; very young children with behavior challenges and attachment issues and have  completed level 1 of Theraplay training. I’ve assisted children in schools addressing challenges in the classroom, anxiety, depression, and behavior issues as well as individuals with disabilities. I welcome engaging adults as they come up against various “stuck” places in whatever stage of life they are in. I also enjoy working with teenagers and their relationship with family members. I promote preparing young people for healthy relationships and like doing preventative work.

In a similar vein, I have a passion for premarital counseling. I am trained in premarital inventories and other tools that can be used to enrich your relationship now so that you are well prepared for a healthy, committed relationship or marriage. Everyone has bugs to be worked out; preparing for a lifetime together can be a valuable investment.

My hours are flexible; I’m available Monday through Friday afternoon and evenings and some hours on Saturday. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.