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Mark A. Parrish, M.Ed., LMFT

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and one of the founders of the InnerView, PLLC. My goal in creating The InnerView was to develop a family of clinicians dedicated to making tomorrow different for individuals, couples, and families. I have spent much of my career working with children, addiction, adolescents, and their families and have spoken regionally and nationally on adolescent issues, marriage, and parenting. I have a passion for my work and enjoy every aspect of what I do from the first session to the last.

In my work with individuals and families, I work hard to develop a strong relationship so that an essential foundation of trust can be built toward a successful outcome. Once a solid foundation has been established, this is followed therapeutically by a carefully designed set of stern challenges so an individual can remove negative influences and become all they intend to be. Sessions are spent toward improving life now and my hope is when someone leaves my office, he/she leaves in a better place than when the session began.

Currently, I spend a better part of my time working with couples who are struggling in their dance and partnership together through the painful effects of infidelity, unbalanced parenting, and an overall lack of communication. I join together with each person to renew commitments and create a new relationship that tolerates differences and finds better ways of relating to each other. This journey can be challenging, but worthwhile whether one is in a fractured relationship or one that wants to be better.

In therapy, I utilize many creative techniques such as music, movies, sports, photography, and other outlets to help connect to a person’s world and utilize their inner strength to get them back on the right path to navigate through the obstacles of life. You can expect to have someone who values relationships over all else with a strong foundation of faith so that change can happen. I maintain a positive outlook and work to instill hope where sometimes it is difficult to see it. There may be tears, but there will be laughter as finding fun is one of my most treasured values and an essential aspect of a person’s life.

Much of the last few years I have spent creating and developing presentations and workshops in parenting, addiction, marriage, anti-bullying, anti-violence, school collaboration, and safety. I am an Approved Supervisor with the AAMFT and clinically supervise the work of students and Associate clinicians at The InnerView. I enjoy assisting them in their growth and clinical development.

I arrive early and stay late during the middle of the week and find ways to accommodate busy schedules. If you are interested in beginning a therapeutic journey together or have questions about the process, please give our office a call (502) 499-8010 or email me at  

Look forward to serving you and your family.