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Mental Floss of the Day: The Four “R’s” of Good Mental Hygiene

Mental Floss of the Day:

The Four “R’s” of Good Mental Hygiene

My father was a dentist and most of us know that Dentists promote Dental Floss as good way to prevent Dental problems.  Being a mental health clinician for the past twenty years, and having faced many of my own life struggles head on,  I have learned about the value of Mental Floss.  The following is a list of good prevention steps for a healthy mental outlook.

  1. Rest – A good sleep routine is essential.  It requires regular times, regular places and regular mental habits.  Try doing some things to protect your sleep place and clear the clutter in your bedroom.  Make your bedroom a sacred space free of work and laptops and tv’s and laundry, and CHILDREN.
  2. Routines – The brain loves repetition and having a routine about your day is very de-stressing.  Routines that give us time for privacy and making sense of the world around us are very anti-depressant.  Try working 15 minutes a day into your routine that is solely for you and involves some quiet and reflection.
  3. Responsibility – Accomplishing responsibilities, especially ones that are related to our personal sense of purpose, is very good for our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being.  Have you taken on any new responsibilities in the last six months?  What about responsibilities that serve others in selfless ways?
  4. Relationships –  We are social beings and need to connect!  Not just with our thumbs either.  The brain needs to experience others directly.  We need to have others sit and listen attentively and to listen to others attentively.  Have you taken time today to have a real face to face conversation?

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