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Rob Giltner, M.A., Marriage & Family Therapist Associate

robgeditResearch suggests that the presence of the therapist and how the therapist forges a connection with the client in therapy is the most crucial factor affecting the client’s healing process. My goal is to be an engaged, committed, caring therapist who recognizes the value in being present in the sacred therapy space with the client.

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, who is passionate about combining elements of psychotherapy, neuroscience research, mindfulness, somatic therapy, and attachment theory. Positive relationships and a happy life are correlated with strong mental health, and I enjoy collaborating with the clients to strengthen both.

I am particularly skilled in working with couples who have lost emotional connection and are experiencing communication issues. I am certified in a marital preparation and enrichment program and have helped couples strengthen emotional bonds, conflict resolution, trust issues, and repair from emotional trauma. A strong emotional connection and good communication established between couples and family members improves fidelity, balanced parenting, trust, and commitment significantly.

My recent work has been helping individuals and families around issues of addiction. I urge clients to include family in their recovery because addiction often affects the entire system. I look to treat the present, past, and underlying symptoms in order to create a healthy whole person and family. Previously, I have also worked with clients with issues involving trauma, anxiety, depression, social skills, bullying, anger management, and spirituality.

In session, I take a non-expert role and enjoy using a collaborative approach to therapy. I am a client centered therapist who uses the client’s strengths, along with hope, as the catalyst for change. I enjoy making the therapeutic experience enjoyable and helpful by using creative methods and outlets. A client can expect me to show warmth, compassion, and humor to help the client feel as comfortable as possible.

Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I am passionate about music, hiking, traveling, golf, football, and basketball. I grew up in Kentucky and graduated from Trinity High School here in Louisville. I value my spirituality and enjoy a strong sense of community.