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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Help

Is someone you care about drowning in drugs or alcohol?Louisville Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol and Drug Abuse:

Adolescent Signs:

  • Sudden or gradual drop in grades
  • Pattern of tardiness and absences from school
  • Lying/blaming
  • Unusual need to access money
  • Changes in peer group
  • Denial when concerns are expressed regarding drinking or drug use
  • Sneaking Alcohol and Drugs
  • Unusual sleeping patterns
  • Burns on hands or clothing

Adult Signs:

  • Occasional memory lapses following use
  • Increased isolation – more withdrawn and suspicious of others
  • Personal or family concerns about alcohol or drug abuse
  • Failure to keep commitments and promises
  • Maintains and/or hides supply of alcohol or drugs
  • Makes excuses for tardiness or poor performance at work
  • Trouble sleeping, getting motivated, and enjoying life
  • Loss of interest in work, school, family activities, and former pleasures
  • Drinking or using drugs until falling asleep
  • Mood or personality change while under the influence
  • Use of alcohol or drugs despite adverse consequences
  • Feeling irritable, angry, or guilty

If you or someone you know has experienced one or more of these signs and symptoms, call for a free consultation.  Discussion between you and a consultant is completely confidential.

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