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Anger Management

Anger can be a normal and healthy reaction to a threat.  However, some people can have problems with anger, letting it overtake them.  When this happens, an individual can be out of control and becomes frightening to others around them.Anger management help

Are you too angry?  Look for the following warning signs:

  • You think about violence or acting aggressively frequently.
  • You are always looking for a fight.
  • You frequently will replay negative or stressful situations in your head repeatedly.
  • You feel like no one under stands you or how you feel.
  • You constantly experience road rage.
  • You raise your voice frequently.
  • You feel like you do not have a sense of humor any more.

If you are struggling with anger, we can help.  To start your anger management counseling, call or fill out the form on the right to schedule an appointment.